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Why you Need a Coach

There are so many people claiming to be a coach, consultant or business expert! So much smoke and mirrors! So many people promising a magic wand and a bag of fairy dust to instantly take your business to where you want it ...


But when it comes to you achieving your business goals and dreams, everything you want is outside of your comfort zone (otherwise you would already have it!).


The good news is working with a business coach such as Adam will help with that:

Starting with making sure your business is maximising the returns - one reason you are in business is for lifestyle choice... and getting the most from your business gives you the most lifestyle choices. With great profits you can make interesting decisions, hire the best people, invest in the right systems and marketing and of course worry a lot less.

Once you work with Adam and are making good money, then you get to make a bunch of interesting decisions. Do you want to grow and expand? Go nationwide or global? World domination? or play more golf? Have more adventures? Or maybe set yourself up for a nice sell price?

Who is Adam Scully?


Adam believes that by offering a customised business education to every business owner that he engages with that it has a real impact: an impact on the lives of each and every client and their families. He's certain that impact will flow over to their employees, their employees families and the greater community. His purpose is to inspire and help people so that they can live a fulfilled life.

Growing up watching his Dad run his own trade-based business and seeing the rollercoaster that his parents proceeded to ride and living week-to-week throughout his teenage years, Adam made himself a promise that he wouldn't put his kids through that same experience. Fast forward 30 years and this has now developed into a true passion for coaching trades business owners to achieve their goals and take their businesses to the next level, so that their kids don't see them riding the emotional and financial rollercoaster that Adam witnessed growing up.

Sharing the experiences and business knowledge Adam has gained over the last 25+ years by imparting time-tested, proven business principles and watching the transformation of 'tradies' to 'business owners' is truly satisfying. Focusing on growth in profitability, Adam helps trade based business owners grow from an “owner wears all hats” approach to the development of a results-driven and profitable team, allowing the business owner to focus on the areas that he or she enjoys.

If you know the experience that Adam talks about above, or if you are riding that rollercoaster right now, do yourself a favour and reach out to Adam to see how he can help get you off that never-ending ride.

There's no time like the present, so what are you waiting for...?

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